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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

is a transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy approach

It allows you to access inner resources to promote healing and subsequently, calm and contentment in your daily life

IFS reaches depths that other modalities may only achieve with significantly more sessions

About me

Based in Shepperton, Surrey, I am a fully trained and qualified therapist with over three years of professional work experience. I’m a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and adhere to their code of ethics and professional standards. I trained as an integrative therapist, and more recently, an IFS (Internal Family Systems) Level 1 therapist - ground-breaking psychotherapy treatment for trauma and mental health issues. I offer face to face, online and telephone sessions.

Sessions will be led by your unique and specific needs, with respect, sensitivity and compassion. I have had the privilege of working with a wide and varied range of clients, and the issues they bring to sessions. I have vast experience working with trauma, anxiety, depression, self-harm, grief and loss. I also work for the NHS in a role that offers both therapeutic sessions and facilitates group work and peer support to enhance motivation and confidence building. I look forward to helping you along the path of self-knowledge, understanding and happiness.


MBACP registered

Level 1 IFS (Internal Family Systems)

CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Counselling

CPCAB Walk & Talk Therapy


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IFS Therapy aims

Once you have identified parts in your system, IFS Therapy uses techniques to improve how parts interact with each other and how they react to external triggers. By following specific steps, it is possible to enter into a particular healing state. IFS Therapy call this the Self.


When we access the state of Self, we gain the ability to be compassionate, curious, confident, creative, etc. IFS believes that every part of our system exists for a good reason, and all the therapist does is to facilitate a spontaneous change in parts so that they stop having extreme behaviours and find other ways to fulfil their role.

A common reaction at the end of a session: Wow, I feel so much lighter, so calm'. And with practise, this sense of lightness and calm continues, enabling clients to realise they have an inner resource similar to that of their own internal therapist. We learn to speak for our parts rather than from them.

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Online, in-person, walk & talk, and

telephone counselling

£60 per hour (payable in advance)

Free 15 minute online introductory session

what I can help with

I would love to share this incredible approach with you. Common issues that clients come to me for help with are:

Anxiety, Inner critic, ADHD/Neurodiversity,

Low self esteem, Bereavement, Trauma, Depression, Anger, Fibromyalgia,

Relationships, Stress,

Work related issues


all enquiries

Tuesday 11am - 6pm

Thursday 8pm - 11pm

Saturday 9am - 1pm